Common rental questions

We place tenants based on a 9 point qualification system

  1. Monthly income 3X rent
  2. Credit Score 620 or above
  3. Lease Start Date matches the date available
  4. Smoking – non smoking is preferred
  5. Pets – no pets or pets matching specific apartment criteria
  6. Payment History – 100% on background check
  7. Work History – 1+ year
  8. Background – clear
  9. Number of Applicants – no more than 2 people per bedroom

To ensure the quality of the property is maintained.

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. Rent will be prorated as needed should you vacate prior to month’s end. If rent is not submitted on or before the 5th, the resident will be charged a $35 late fee. Each day after, there will be a $10 late fee until rent and accumulated fees are paid in full.

No animal shall be permitted inside the rental or on the premises at any time unless resident has authorization for the animal in writing from the landlord/manager.


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Yes! We take other folks’ rentals on a case-by-case basis. They have to meet strict property condition standards (we can go over that!) beforehand. Our fees can vary but generally speaking 10% of gross rents and 1/2 first month’s rent.

Property Management

The property reserves ($500 for single-family, $250/unit if more than one unit) is required so that we have funds available to pay for odds-and-ends repairs during monthly management. We don’t have to bug you for approval, as we are already given approval to make the judgement call on whether a repair is needed or not in our property management agreement, so by having reserves the management team is made the most efficient possible.

Yes, if the repair is within the scope and license/bond of a general contractor in the state of Washington. If the repair is plumbing, electrical, HVAC, foundation or roof-related (unless scope is small), the repair will be conducted by another contractor and paid by you (either automatically via reserves or, if more than reserves, after approval by you and billed to you directly).

Yes and no. We provide the initial 14 day notice-to-vacate for non-payment and other initial notices. If the tenant fails to comply, we refer the case to Ingram, Zelasko and Goodwin, Erik Kupka, who handles it from there. We will provide him any documentation needed (leases, rent roll, tenant contact info, unit and property address, etc.), but the final bill will need to be paid by you. You will be made aware of any issue that rises to this level by our management team as soon as it happens.

Yes, but you will be required to pay the remainder of future management fees based on the time left on our annual contract.

No. We are happy to help you sell your property, but you are under no obligation to use us. If you decide to use someone else (or yourself), you will provide a copy of the signed listing agreement (if with another real estate agency) and we will terminate the contract. Remaining management fees for months left on contract will not be required to be paid if proof of intent to sell is provided.

We handle collection of rent and management of tenant. Any landscaping, electrical, w/s/g, mortgage, taxes, etc. would be paid by you separately.

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