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  • Voted the NO. 1 Property Management Company in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties in 2022.
  • Industry experts providing top-notch service so your investment makes more and stays in better condition to maximize your assets value.
  • Streamlined management with in-house maintenance crew, real estate agents, local real estate attorney, and more!
  • Offering unrivaled marketing for tenant placement, in-house maintenance with an eye towards maximizing rents, and excellent communication and quality from our management team.
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The quality standard

Providing quality living in Grays Harbor is our goal which is why we offer in-house maintenance to keep each property at its best. Each rental is expected to be kept in the same or better condition as our initial walkthrough.

What do we look for?

We look at several things, mostly related to habitability, cleanliness, tenant orderliness and any safety concerns.

EXAMPLES INCLUDE: mildew, mold, or discoloration. Heat and areas with water in good working order, holes or damage to the construction of the home.

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What does your team offer?

  • Keeping you competitive: We closely monitor¬†market rent¬†to ensure you are maximizing rental income and tenant stability based on current rates and trends.
  • Marketing your Property: Rentals are in high demand in Grays Harbor. Our goal is to keep vacancies to a minimum meaning better cash flow, by making sure the whole county knows your property is available for lease.
  • Quality tent placement: Quality tenants mean less turnover. Our 9-point screening process includes a full-scope analysis of applicant’s strength as a tenant, ability to pay rent and follow our stringent lease.
  • Thorough walkthroughs and unit turns: Move in/out condition reports, itemized security deposit disbursements and preparing unit for new occupant via in-house maintenance team.
  • All things tenant-related: We do the day-to-day rent control, tenant relations, billing and statements to owners. You won’t hear from us unless there’s a real problem.

What are the fees?

Management fee is 10% of gross rent collected with a placement fee of half 1st months rent and a property reserve of $500 for single family and $250 per unit. Giving us the flexibility to act fast to keep the tenants happy and the property in good working order.

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